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About Our Company

Andrive Ltd provides the very best in OEM style after market entertainment systems to place in you dash board as if it was factory fitted. Our units are developed and tested by professional engineers and software developers to provide a high end in car entertainment experience. We are the market leaders in BMW OEM Style technology offering the fastest processing speeds and the most diverse functionality.

Our dedicted support team ensures your after sales experience runs smoothly from the Andrive Head Quarters in London.

The units comply to ISO9001/ISO9001-2000 and are manufactured using the Quality and Enviroment Management Systems set out by ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO14001.

Andrive Systems will be showcased at BMW shows around the UK fitted in our own vehicles to demonstrate the technology we can offer. Keep an eye on the news updates to see where we are.

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“The quality of the product coupled with the great comms and support available from Andrive made it a truly pleasurable experience. I seriously don't know how I coped without one before now and cant praise you guys enough. Well done! ”
Stuart Tucker, Client
“After fitting my new Andrive my in car experience changed for the better. Android is a great operating system and Andrive have done a great job intergrating it with my BMW functions. I have no hesitation in reccomending thier products. ”
Andrew Davis, Client